Compare Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Chevrolet Blazer

Want to know which SUV is the choice in the Twin Ports area? The Jeep Grand Cherokee, of course!

The reason why you notice the Jeep Grand Cherokee is because it is distinctive. It is easily recognizable and can be spotted a mile away. But did you know that it offers a lot of value with its distinctive look? The Grand Cherokee offers more standard equipment and trim level options than its competitors. Not to mention that legendary capacity of four-wheel-drive that Jeep is known for.

Not everyone is convinced that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best choice among compact SUVs in the Twin Ports area, but we dare to compare with the Grand Cherokee’s competition. Let’s see how our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee compares with the Chevrolet Blazer:


2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4

2020 Chevrolet Blazer 3.6L Cloth AWD

Engine (Standard) 3.6 Liter V6 – 295 HP 3.6 Liter V6 – 308 HP
Combined Fuel Economy 18 MPG City/25 MPG Highway 18 MPG City/25 MPG Highway
Curb Weight 4625 lbs. 4210 lbs.
Cargo Space (Second Row Seat Folded) 68.3 cu. ft. 64.2 cu. Ft.
Base Price $34,245 $37,195


There are plenty of advantages the Jeep Grand Cherokee has over the Blazer. They include:

  • Refinement – that is how you describe the Jeep Grand Cherokee inside and out
  • A choice of engines and levels of performance – including three V8s
  • Others have imitated and tried to copy the formula – there is only one Jeep

Another thing to consider is value. Value is not just about price, but what the Grand Cherokee offers compared to the Chevrolet Blazer.

That’s the advantage the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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