Compare Jeep Gladiator vs. Chevrolet Colorado

Want to know which midsize pickup truck is the choice in the Twin Ports area? The new Jeep Gladiator, of course!

The reason why you notice the Jeep Gladiator is because it is distinctively a Jeep. It is easily recognizable and can be spotted a mile away. But did you know that it offers proven off-road capability standard and exceptional capacity? Overall, the Gladiator offers more standard equipment and trim level options than its competitors.

Not everyone is convinced that the Jeep Gladiator is the best choice among midsized pickup trucks in the Twin Ports area, but we dare to compare with the Gladiator’s competition. Let’s see how our new Jeep Gladiator compares with the Chevrolet Colorado:



2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport 4X4

2020 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4X4 ZR2

Engine 3.6 Liter Pentastar V6

285 HP/260 lb-ft Torque

3.6 Liter V6

308 HP/275 lb-ft Torque

Fuel Economy – EPA City/Highway 16 MPG/23 MPG 16 MPG/18 MPG
Maximum Payload 1,700 lbs. 1,493 lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity 7,650 lbs. 5,000 lbs.
Ground Clearance 10 inches 8.9 inches
Base Price $33,545 $41,400


There are plenty of advantages the Jeep Gladiator has over the Colorado. They include:

  • Standard four-wheel-drive
  • Greater ground clearance and angles of approach, departure, and wading depth of any pickup truck in its class
  • Greater towing and payload capacity with a standard V6 engine
  • Others have imitated and tried to copy the formula – there is only one Jeep

Another thing to consider is value. Value is not just about price, but what the Gladiator offers compared to the Chevrolet Colorado.

That’s the advantage of the Jeep Gladiator.

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